The Supportive Ambiance

Sue and Bernard welcome everyone to enjoy the beautiful property that we have created promoting collaboration, a happy and sharing environment. Respect, Honesty and Open Communication are the values we expect from all our friends that share Carlisle Lodge

Facilities and Property

Carlisle Lodge is a Q-Alpaca quality approved property that supports horse agistment, farm stay B&B, alpaca breeding and cattle grazing. The horse agistment is daylight only operated centre, limited access for emergency care of animals can be arranged. The property follows the Dawesley Creek over 80 acers of valleys and steep hills riding is encouraged as approved by management, due to the nature of the property all of the fences are electrified for stock safety and management.


Agistment Available

The front of the property is set up with 6 private arena paddocks, which allow easy access to the arena, round yard wash down bays and stables. The back of the property has 6 River Flats Spelling Paddocks only a short walk down the hill to access.

Agisters are responsible for the health and general care of their horses.  Staff will assist whenever possible but cannot provide a 24-hour service.  Agisters are responsible for maintaining their paddocks and stables in a satisfactory and safe condition

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